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Rotterdamse Havendraken is an investment initiative focused on supporting innovative ventures in port, maritime, logistics and energy sectors. With a commitment, from our industrial investors, to sustainable development we aim to grow companies that drive technological advancement and ecological responsibility in these industries.

Rotterdamse Havendraken

About us

Rotterdamse Havendraken aspire to accelerate progress and make a significant impact towards a more sustainable port. Collaborating with our investors, we are dedicated to constructing a portfolio of 10 propositions within a 3-year timeframe.

We, Philip Roos, Carolien Vat-Sandee, and Robin Slakhorst, proudly stand as the founders of Rotterdamse Havendraken initiative. With extensive experience in driving innovation within the port sector, nurturing startups, and facilitating their journey towards scalable opportunities, we identified a critical gap in matching investments. The shortage of investments from institutions possessing the requisite sector knowledge, experience, and network prompted the inception of Rotterdamse Havendraken.

Supported by a coalition of 10-15 seasoned entrepreneurial investors with a formidable track record in the port industry, as evidenced by their own successful ventures, we are committed to fostering the growth of new enterprises and championing sustainability within the port sectors.

Our portfolio

Qlayers Secures Major Investment from Rotterdamse Havendraken,
Fueling Global Expansion in Industrial Coating Technology

Learn more about Qlayers

What is our process

At Rotterdamse Havendraken, we pursue our goals with a structured approach. Throughout the year, our organization actively scouts for interesting ventures, providing opportunities for ventures to express their interest in joining our exclusive pitch nights.

After expressing interest, we schedule an introductory call to delve deeper into your situation and ambitions. If we believe there’s a serious chance for your venture to be selected, we organize a pitch rehearsal with our organization. During this rehearsal, you’ll have the opportunity to deliver your pitch as if presenting to the group of investors.

The best-performing companies from these rehearsals will then be invited to pitch directly in front of our investors during the exclusive pitch nights. These pitch nights are held three times a year, offering a unique platform for ventures to showcase their potential and gain the support of our investor network.

Once chosen, Rotterdamse Havendraken facilitates the collective investment process. This includes discussions on term sheets, conducting due diligence, and managing the portfolio post-deal. All of these processes occur in an informal and confidential setting, where investors not only conduct business but also enjoy themselves and share experiences.

Our ultimate goal is clear: to invest in sustainable innovations and collectively build a portfolio of 10 propositions within a span of 3 years. Together, we are committed to driving positive change and fostering innovation within the port sector.

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